Hazardous Materials

A wide range of environmental responsibilities rest on the shoulders of building owners, project managers, engineers and architects. As a leader in the management of hazardous materials, Pinchin LeBlanc is often brought on board to provide project specifications and design. There is virtually no room for error where hazardous materials and substances are concerned, so expertise is critical. That is what we deliver, and it is evident in every facet of the project, including all environmental, disposal, health, safety, and cost-related issues.

How we can help:

Surveys for Hazardous Materials

We identify hazardous materials – specifically any biological, chemical or physical agent where exposure could be harmful to human health. Asbestos, lead, silica, mercury, arsenic, benzene, isocyanates, vinyl chloride monomer, ethylene oxide, acrylonitrile, and coke oven emissions all fall under that category. Our job is to confirm the presence and levels of these hazardous materials through comprehensive surveys that lend themselves to the creation of customized management plans.

Lead Paint Identification and Control

Lead, often present in older, rust-resistant paints, can require special handling and disposal procedures that must be left to the professionals. We use X-Ray Florescent analyzers for an immediate, on-site reading, as well as the traditional paint scrape laboratory analysis method.

PCB Identification and Control

In addition to surveys, we assist our clients in the preparation of Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) management plans and specifications; all details, including packaging, containment, and destruction, are taken care of with the utmost concern for environmental impact and safety.