Environmental Management

We provide a complete range of services related to Environmental Management, including the preparation of Environmental Management Programs (EMPs), Compliance Monitoring, and Petroleum Facility Management in accordance with provincial and federal legislation.

Environmental Compliance Monitoring
We provide this service to industrial clients, such as pulp and paper companies, mines, landfills, hazardous waste facilities and more. We work with them on compliance monitoring, occupational hygiene, industrial air quality, air emissions, surface water quality, groundwater, and effluent discharge quality. Our monitoring programs address a wide range of concerns, including heavy metals, petroleum compounds, volatile organics, PCBs, PAHs, airborne asbestos, microbiological contaminants, heat stress and noise.

Environmental Protection and Management Plans
Many of these same clients require Environmental Protection and/or Management Plans to address a wide spectrum of issues that can arise from large-scale production projects. From the demolition of large structures, to the construction of major facilities, we develop plans to ensure environmental protection and worker safety. Each plan is based on a comprehensive understanding of all related issues from an engineering, geoscience, hazardous materials and microbiological perspective.

Petroleum Facility Management
We know petroleum storage, handling and distribution. Our combination of engineering, technical and geoscience expertise is particularly well-suited to all of the issues related to Underground Storage Tanks (USTs).

We offer consulting services in:

  • Compliance assessment and testing of the UST
  • Cathodic testing, tank protection assessment and upgrades
  • Product removal and disposal
  • Assessment of soil/groundwater contamination
  • Site remediation
  • Regulatory liaising